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Frequently asked questions

What services does Carraig Law Group offer?

We are a general litigation firm with a focus on family law. We help clients navigate child support, spousal support, and division of assets. We help clients through their family law issue through alternative dispute resolution, or, if necessary, trial. We also help clients with business disputes, defamation and litigation related to wills and estates.

Why should I choose Carraig Law Group for my divorce case?

Carraig Law Group gives practical, workable solutions to deal with complex family law issues. Though they are experienced trial lawyers, they know that trial is not a desirable or effective way to resolve problems in the majority of cases. Carraig Law Group gives strategic, sensible options to clients so that they can reach their goals.

What steps are involved in the divorce process in Vancouver, BC?

First, a Notice of Family Claim is filed. Then, the other party files a Response and perhaps a Counterclaim. Financial Statements are exchanged and a first appearance in court is set down. This is called a Judicial Case Conference. If the parties cannot resolve their differences by negotiation, counsel for each party has a chance to conduct an Examination for Discovery of the other party and the matter may proceed to Trial. At any point, the parties may come to their own resolution and sign a separation agreement. If the parties can agree on everything, they can obtain a Desk Order Divorce.

How can a Vancouver family lawyer help in child custody disputes?

Custody is now referred to as decision-making responsibility, and access is now known as parenting time. Our lawyers can help clients negotiate with the other party or make an application to court if necessary. There are two sets of factors that the court will consider when making custody orders, those set out in legislation and those developed by the courts. The legislation focuses on the best interests of the child. The courts have expanded these factors into general principles such as which party was the child’s primary caregiver during the relationship and the character of each parent.

What if I am not married and I want to separate?

If you lived in a marriage-like relationship for two or more years with the other party, you are considered a spouse and you will have to deal with your child support and spousal support issues in either the Provincial Court or the Supreme Court.

Do I need to go to court for a family law issue like divorce or separation?

If you do not want to litigate, our lawyers can help you to draft a separation agreement and negotiate with the other party.

How do I schedule a consultation with a Vancouver divorce lawyer?

You can give us a call at 778-907-1180 and we will arrange an initial consultation.

What sets Carraig Law Group apart from other Vancouver family law firms?

We will go the extra mile for our clients. We aim to get back to potential new clients within the day to arrange an initial consultation. We strategize with our clients to achieve the best results. We believe in client care.


What information should I bring to my initial consultation with a Vancouver family lawyer?

We have an initial consultation form that we will provide you with, by email, when you make a call to our office.