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Wills & Estates Law

Wills & Estates Law


Providing advice on end-of-life issues

Wills and Estates disputes happen during periods of heightened emotional stress. During such difficult times, we aim to protect your interests and seek early resolution.  Every dispute is unique so we try to listen carefully to our clients to provide effective, bespoke advice. As these matters are invariably sensitive, with our clients, we balance the need to protect their interests with the need to avoid unnecessary litigation.

We deal with common estate litigation issues, representing executors, personal representatives, and beneficiaries in conflict. Our team assists clients with applications during the administration of estates, rectification or construction of a Will, and the validity and variation of Wills.


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Our goal is to help you

For this section the questions could be general or specific to each practice area. If the questions are about general knowledge, this section will repeat on every practice area page.

How much will this cost?

Some firms offer a fixed fee, but that isn’t always in the best interests of the client. On occasions, that is an arrangement that can encourage shortcuts to be taken. While there are cases in which we’re able to offer a fixed fee, we do what’s right for the individual client, not what’s easiest – and that means no cutting corners.

My husband has been arrested. I was told he will be before court in the morning. What should I do?

First, speak to us. Police can grant bail, but there are several exceptions in relation to serious charges, and if the defendant has previously contravened bail conditions. Your solicitor can advise of ‘exceptional circumstances’ and if that is necessary to grant bail. If your husband has been arrested on charges of assaulting you, his solicitor will not be permitted to speak with you. In this case, ask a friend or family member to contact us.

There’s a warrant out for my arrest. What should I do?

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What should I wear to court?

As your legal counsel, we’ll look the part but it helps if you apply the same consideration to your appearance. No need for a suit but look smart and a bit dressed up. It’s important to be seen to be making an effort to show your respect for the Court.

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Wills & Estates Law

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